Nudge feed

The Nudge Feed is where you can view all of the Nudges your company has sent, along with the Nudges you’ve already read and answered. Nudges can be questions or messages delivered directly to your phone via push notification. Responding to Nudges earns you points and lets you provide important feedback.

Unread/Completed Feed

We’ve split the Nudge Feed into two separate feeds; one showing you all of your Unread Nudges and one showing you all of your Completed Nudges. This will make it a lot easier for you to make sure that you don’t miss any Nudges. By default, the Nudge Feed will be the first view that loads each time you open the Nudge Rewards app.

The Unread section of the Nudge Feed is home to all the Nudges from your company that need your attention. To help you catch up on latest information, Nudges in the Unread feed are ordered from newest to oldest.

The Completed section of the Nudge Feed archives all of your completed activity, by recently completed, and allows you to recall a Nudge at any time. Need to recall information from an older Nudge? No worries — you can review the Nudge in the Completed feed before you answer the new Nudge.

Earning points

You earn points by reading and answering Nudges. Nudges range in point value depending on the type of Nudge you answer, so keep an eye out on your feed when you need a boost on the Leaderboard. You can also earn bonus points by referring team member to join your team by using Refer a Colleague located on your Profile page.


Nudge points have no monetary or redeemable value; however, your organization may attach their own rewards/prize structure to the earning of Nudge points.

Types of Nudges

The majority of your points are earned by responding to different Nudges in your feed. There are a number of different Nudge Types, including Challenge, Call to Action, and Performance, and you’ll be able to tell the difference as these special Nudges appear as a different colour in your Nudge Feed.

Recall a Nudge

Sometimes you’ll need to recall a Nudge to find a specific piece of information. You can view Nudges you’ve already answered or read by tapping Completed at the top of the Nudge Feed. Please keep in mind that you can not earn additional points when recalling a Nudge.


My feed won’t load

If you're having trouble loading the app or your Nudge Feed, follow our troubleshooting steps. You may not be able to load the feed in areas with a weak Wi-Fi or cellular signal. If you're having difficulty loading the web as well, then it's most likely an issue with your internet connection. If the problem still persists in another area, please contact our support team.

Things to keep in mind:

Some mobile carriers limit a customer's mobile data after they've used a certain amount of data in a month, which can result in feed errors toward the end of the month. If you're regularly having trouble using the app at the end of each month, contact your service provider directly.

There aren’t any Nudges in my feed

If there aren’t any Nudges in your feed, it’s possible that your company hasn’t posted any new Nudges since you last checked, or, if there aren’t any Nudges in both your Unread and Completed Feeds, the current campaign may have come to an end. Not to worry, a new campaign should be starting soon.

Your feed shows only the Unread Nudges that are waiting for you. To view all your Completed Nudges, tap Completed toggle at the top of the Nudge Feed.

I’m not receiving the same amount of Nudges as my coworker

It may be that you have been assigned roles or groups that are different from your coworker within the Nudge Content Management Platform, which your company uses to schedule and send Nudges. If this happens, you or your co-worker(s) may be receiving a different number of Nudges specific to those different roles or groups. While most Nudges are sent to the entire team, there are times your company may choose to send a Nudge to only select members of your team.

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