Manage team members

To join a team on Nudge, you’ll need an invitation. There are a handful of ways to get invited to join a team:

Approved company email address

If your app is setup to accept an approved company email, team members can create an account with their company email address, e.g., directly on their mobile phone. Remind any new members joining your team to register with their approved email address. Nudge will send each team member a verification email and the team member will need to verify their account before they are able to log in.


Be sure to remind team members to double-check that they’re using the correct information and there are no spelling or formatting errors in their email address before clicking Create My Account.

Company code

Some companies will have a unique company code that allows members to join your team on Nudge with their personal email. If your team is setup to use a unique company code, be sure to remind any new members joining your team of the unique company code. When members create an account they’ll be asked to enter the company code in order to be able to join your team. If members are having trouble joining your team, be sure to double-check that they’re using the correct code.


Team members missing emails?

Each team member should receive a Verification email from Nudge shortly after they create an account. If they’re not getting the email, try the following:

  • Check your spam or junk folder, and any tabs in your inbox.
  • Check for typos in the email address. If you think the address is incorrect, you can check it by following the steps below.

If team members haven’t received an email and want to check that they entered the correct email, remind them to try creating an account again with the same email. If they signed up with the right email it will not let them create a new account.

If team members may have registered with an incorrect or improperly formatted email address, they can check it by attempting to register again with the same email address. If they entered it correctly the first time, they will receive the message Great, you already have an account and be asked to sign in. If they didn’t, they’ll receive a message stating that a Verification email has been sent.

If they still haven’t received the Verification email, send us a note and we’ll do our best to help!

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