Disabled account

If your Nudge account was disabled, you’ll see a message telling you when you try to log in. Accounts that don't follow our Terms of Use may be disabled without warning. We suggest that you review the Terms of Use carefully along with the information on all accounts you've created.

If your company is apart of User Led Registration, you will be held on the vetting page. You may have been rejected by your manager. There are a handful of reasons why your account may get rejected from joining your team:

  • Unable to identify member

  • Inappropriate profile photo 

  • Incorrect personal information, such as first and last name

  • Inaccurate associate role

  • Inaccurate store location

If you think your account information was incorrect or your account was disabled accidentally, you may have the option to choose your group selection and initialize the vetting process. You will appear on your manager’s phone and they will be to add you back onto your team easily.

If you don’t see a disabled message, you may be experiencing a login issue. Please check our the First Steps For Troubleshooting for more help.

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